10 Things you need to know about RBK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

RBK International School | 16th June, 2016 Back to Blog

RBK international school is one of the best schools in Bhayander east. They nurture the child in different artistic ways and give them the potential to stand out from the rest. With the help of new concepts like creative learning and innovative thinking, the school plays an important role in building your child’s brighter future.

Here we have highlighted 10 vital things about RBK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, so that you understand why it is considered as one of the best school in Mira Road and Bhayander.

  • RBKIS is a complete IGCSE – At RBKIS, we understand that it’s important to build a strong foundation for your child at an early age, so that they have great potential to make a brighter tomorrow. And with IGCSE, we make sure we support you in making your child’s dreams come true. Moreover, since (IGCSE) International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a qualification that is recognised world-wide, your child has a greater advantage in shaping their career in a better way.
  • Practical approach – With a perfect blend of modern and ancient education RBKIS implements a practical approach towards learning and teaching. This makes the environment more enjoyable and motivates the students to learn better and faster.
  • Active learning – There may be many schools in Bhayander or near Mira road, offering the best method in learning and teaching. However RBKIS is unique in its own kind, because it promotes active learning. We encourage students to participate in activities like problem solving sessions, analytical thinking, discussions etc. Thus making your child more active and smart at a tender age.
  • Holistic development – With expert guidance and through modern technology and techniques, we try to bring a holistic development in your child. In simpler terms, we enhance and nurture the student’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth.
  • Ideal teacher-student ratio – This is one the most concerned aspects of every school. But at RBKIS we maintain an ideal ratio, so that we never fall short of resources anytime during the year. Every student here gets special attention from the teacher, so that your child can deliver the desired results as promised.
  • Proactive parents assistance in the program – We encourage parents assistance in different programs, so that you feel supportive and involved in your child’s education. Moreover, by being supportive as a parent, it will encourage your child to excel in their studies throughout the academic year.
  • Guidance and counselling – We provide timely guidance and counselling to assist pupils in their career planning. Through interactive sessions and discussions, students get a chance to explore new ideas and gain maximum knowledge, so that they are able to select their desired line of work according to their interest and aspiration.
  • Recreation facilities – We understand that even recreation facilities play an important role in rejuvenating an individual’s mind and soul. So besides academic studies we encourage children in different sports as well. We have a huge playground that encompasses a basketball field, a football field, a tennis court, a cricket pitch, a skating rink and a fun- play zone.
  • International exposure and a balanced curriculum – With the current generation getting more creative and dynamic, we make sure we provide your children a rationally balanced curriculum along with a good international exposure. So that your child’s knowledge and sensitivity is better valued and recognised by the world in future.
  • Safe and Hygienic - We take extra effort and measures in maintaining a safe and a hygienic environment in the school. Be it food, medical emergency or any other unexpected urgent situation, we take responsibility in securing the health and safety of our students and other staff members as well.