Great Leader’s Day At RBKIS

RBK International School | 8th November, 2017 Back to Blog

India is a great country with a rich culture and heritage. Our country achieved independence in 1947 before which we were under the rule of the British.

There were many great leaders and freedom fighters who fought bravely for independence from the British. Many great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh underwent great sacrifices and hardships to achieve this freedom. The leaders had a mammoth task of leading the country on the path of independence and it was only under their guidance that the country steered onto the path of freedom.

The ideologies of these leaders have inspired millions across the globe. The contribution of these great leaders is so precious and valuable that it is engraved in golden letters in the Indian history till date.

Our children should realize the fact that it’s because of our great leaders that today we are enjoying our freedom. Parents and the school must try their best to ensure that children love and respect their great leaders and their motherland. Teaching children about the great leaders will not only instil values of patriotism in them but will also help kids become responsible citizens of the country in future.

Keeping this aspect in mind, RBKIS - A-level school in Mira Bhayandar had organized a Great Leader’s Day - to instil the spirit of patriotism and unity in its students. During the event, the kids came dressed up like great Indian leaders. Patriotic fever was high among students. The staff and the management who were invited as an audience to the event were spellbound by the performance. The idea behind such event was to encourage students to respect and value their great leaders.

RBKIS believes in introducing an education system which is a blend of ancient and modern education. Keeping the Indian culture in mind, it aims to provide a broad holistic educational framework for scaffolding young minds with knowledge, skills and humanistic values befitting the future world. And this is one of the reasons why RBKIS is known to be one of the best schools in Mira Road and Bhayander.