Tips To Help Your Child Adjust To School

RBK International School | 6th December, 2016 Back to Blog

It is not exactly a great thought to know that your kid does not enjoy going to school, but if you ignore this fact and forcibly keep sending him or her to school the problem will worsen further.

Instead, let your kids be aware that schooling is an integral part of growing up and there's no escaping for years to come!

For your convenience we have listed a few tips to help your child adjust to school:

Ease Your Child's Fears

Spend time talking with your child about the school even before it starts. Share your own fun things you experienced in school, and what made your school life so special. Kids love to hear stories from their parents and elders childhood days because it helps them ease out any difficult feelings they are experiencing.

In fact, many schools like RBKIS - A level school in Mumbai post their school activities and events online for others to review. Use this information to get your child excited about school.

Give Your Child Something That He/She Can Hold For the Entire Day

Kids feel sad and nervous when you say 'goodbye' to them, so to avoid such situation, give them something that he/she can hold on for the entire day.

A hug, a kiss or a simple 'I love you' before going to school will cheer up your kid's mood and make him feel comfortable to go to school. Moreover, these loving gestures will help him sustain in the school throughout the day.

Cook Special Meals

Let your child know, that you are going to prepare his/her's favorite meal, once they are back from school. Bride him/her for his favorite chocolates or cakes and tell them, that you are going to make the afterschool meal more interesting and delicious just the way they like. Such things will create excitement and will encourage him/her to go to school daily.

After School Discussions

On the way back home from school, ask your child to share with you the two best parts and the two least favorite parts of the day. When you hear some negatives experiences, try to help your child find a bright side or a silver lining to the bad parts of the day. If your child exhibits signs of difficulty in adjusting - even after a few months of school have passed, then try talking to his/her teacher and request them to make things simple at school.

Many private schools and other Cambridge Schools in Mumbai are taking the initiative to build a holistic environment for learning and development. So with the right techniques and the right attention, they make your child feel happy and excited about going to school every day.