Valedictory Function At RBKIS

RBK International School | 7th February, 2018 Back to Blog

The word valedictory is connected with farewell and leave-taking. It’s all about taking one's leave or saying goodbye, whether it's the CEO departing the office or an employee who is about to retire or a friend at a going-away party. Valedictory function or valedictory speeches are organised to honour and appreciate an individual when he/she is parting ways.

On the same note a valedictory function was organized to felicitate students of class 2017 on successful completion of their education at RBKIS - IGCSE Schools in Mira Road. The function was attended by the RBKIS school management and the parents of the students (Class 2017).

The function began with the ceremonial lighting of the candle followed by some encouraging speech. Additionally, a team of students played the piano and presented a motivational song with beautiful wordings. The programme ended with certificate distribution ceremony in which the school management gave away the certificate to the students.

The event witnessed many a wet eye as the school management was bidding farewell to Class 2017. While the school management prepared students to step out into the world outside as young adults – the environment was filled with mixed emotions, feelings and expressions. The school also wished student for their better future and appreciated students for their hard work and capability.

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