About Rupal Kanakia

Who is Rupal Kanakia?

Registered with the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra State, Rupal Kanakia is the Chairperson of the Babubhai Kanakia Foundation Trust. The main aim of the Trust is to supply with monetary assistance or support to educational institutions or institutions that train individuals to run educational institutions like schools, colleges among other educational institutions.

Rupal Kanakia, born on January, 1966, was destined to be passionate about learning. She quickly recognized that society is ill-equipped due to lack of education. She holds a bachelor's degree in Child Psychology. Building an atmosphere for learning is a piece of cake for her. She does not miss out on educational workshops, seminars, presentations and so on. Apart from her thirst for learning, she is also deeply interested in music, travel and art and likes to spend time with her family. Keeping her main goal in mind, Rupal Kanakia has established and also runs prestigious schools across India in different streams.

Her Vision as an Educator

Having great passion for the spread of literacy in India, Rupal Kanakia believes that it will be easily accessible to people living across the nation. It is her dream to empower youth and women no matter what caste or creed they come from in order to let them break current barriers and let them see the possibilities for themselves in the near future and be active participants in a globalized world.

Rupal Kanakia says, "My belief lives in the fact that the future of this country is right in the classrooms of schools and colleges." Rupal Kanakia has attended some notable programs such as:

  • Pre-IB Training Program in Chicago, in June 2007
  • 3-day, IBDP Regional Workshop in Singapore, in Oct. 2007 (as DP Coordinator)
  • 4-day, IB Asia Regional Conference, Singapore, in Oct. 2007
  • PYP Regional Workshop, Delhi, in Feb. 2008
Her Vision as a Leader

Rupal Kanakia offers personal regard to the activities of the institutions mentioned in spite of being the only leading person behind them. She closely works with core departments like Marketing, Finance, Accounts, EDP, Legal, etc. and always has tried to keep up the motivation of her staff by regularly appreciating their successes. Rupal is also known as a charitable person with her employees, helping them in their difficult times. Professional development and social relation with her employees are always at a balance.