• Welcome to RBK International School!

    It's time to rethink and introduce an education system which is a blend of ancient and modern education. So we take a bow to welcome you to a different route of education which promises to hold your child's hand throughout the life and direct them to their goal and win the victors cup.

    RBK International School, one of the eminent and distinguished institutes in western suburbs, is a viable International holistic education for aspirational India.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission The RBKIS provides a broad holistic and international educational framework for scaffolding young minds with knowledge, skills, humanistic values and learning experiences befitting the 21st Century learners. By individualizing learning in a state of art infrastructure, students are enabled to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and innovators, creative and ethical students with a global outlook who are capable of serving both national and international interests.
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision
    To be a leading and dynamic international institution of holistic learning with global and humanistic minded students.
  • Why RBKIS

    RBKIS is a complete IGCSE school, maintaining a continuum from kindergarten to AS/A levels and provides a broad holistic and international education to our students, building up a strong foundation for their bright future.

    Education is training of mind to think and not just learning of facts. We believe in imparting quality education to our students through modern techniques, technology, and expert guidance of our well trained and experienced teachers in international forte. Students' engagement in various researches, reports, games, projects and other activities makes learning, as a stress free and delightful process in RBKIS. Also,

    • Ideal student-teacher ratio
    • Constructivist inquiry based and experiential learning
    • State of art infrastructure
    • A learner centered approach with active learning
    • Proactive parents assistance in the program
    • Co-curricular activities for holistic development
    • Counseling and guidance for college placements
    • Huge playground comprising of football field, basketball and Lawn tennis court, cricket pitches, skating rink and fun- play zone
    • Well-balanced curriculum with international exposure
    • Overall development of skills
  • Message from Chairperson

    Education nurtures the strengths and draws out the best in every child. We aim to impart desirable knowledge along with life skills so that the students develop better attitude and values to become worthy global citizens of tomorrow. Education is not literacy but a transformation of a child into a responsible human being who is caring, principled, open minded, balanced and a reflective thinker who understands the deeper meaning of life, who spreads happiness wherever he goes, like a flower spreading it's fragrance around. We view education as integrative social force that unifies different sections of society and compresses the large world into one single family!

    - Rupal Kanakia

  • Message from the Management Representative


    RBK International School

    A learner centric school with world class infrastructure and a congenial environment for holistic education to develop curiosity and a spirit of inquiry in the learners. The management's vision and mission to prepare our learners for global education firmly rooted in Indian heritage and ethos. The school provides ample opportunities for healthy development of body and mind, to help the creative learners ready to take the challenges in life. We have the latest e-learning facilities to make teaching-learning process interesting and also to assist them to think innovative with a quest for knowledge, to be abreast of changing scenario of International education. A well-planned curriculum aided by effective co-curricular activities support the learners to be confident and ready to take up responsibilities. Our emphasis is to instil values and character building, and help the learners to develop analytical skills that will give added advantage for advanced studies. The multiple opportunities in the school equipped our learners to be successful in their studies and develop multi-faceted talents and will boost their ability to prosper in their future endeavours. The school is putting all the efforts to groom the learners as passionate seekers of knowledge.

    Yours in service.
    Dr. Visini Velappan

  • Message From The Principal


    Dear Patrons!

    At RBK international School, we try not to be complacent and evolve keeping in sync with the ongoing developments in the field of education. Last year we followed the theme of 'UN sustainable development' and this academic year we have planned to have 'Intergeneration learning' as our theme cause we felt the need of involving grand parents who could share their experiences, values & knowledge with the technology native generation to make their lives more meaningful.

    In near future we are planning to have an International student exchange program to expose our learners to a broader perspective of the teaching learning process. Also we intend to introduce lot of different teaching & learning platforms like blended learning, collaborative learning etc. Hybrid learning methods where our learners will use a combination of their laptops with e- resources clubbed with tactile experience to make them future perfect which is the need of the hour. In future we plan to have e-assessments too.

    We have reviewed our projects across grades based on the skill sets required in the 21st century Eg: Projects on handling data ie data collection, distribution & extraction of information based on analytical & critical thinking.

    The future of assessments will change with google lens hence we will be forced to change our assessments too. We plan to move more towards open book tests to test their comprehension & understanding rather than just recall & recollect. Testing application of knowledge would play a pivotal role at RBKIS to make our learners future perfect.

    Research & development has been an integral part of RBKIS and in our pursuit of creating education for employability we have introduced subjects like mass media, enterprise, law, travel & tourism, global perspectives & digital media which will be subject to change in future depending on its viability in the interest of our learners. To add we have universities from UK, USA, Switzerland & India visiting our campus to enlighten our learners about various carriers depending on the subject choices.

    Hence this is our birds eye view of RBKIS as a futuristic educational institution.

    Yours in service.
    Dr. Omi Sharma