Cafeteria Menu At RBKIS

RBK International School | 19th March, 2018 Back to Blog

Healthy eating helps kids grow, develop, and succeed in school and other activities. It is also critical in preventing childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity and diabetes. Healthy eating can lower the risk of future health problems such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Therefore, kids should be regularly offered foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

But much as we would want otherwise, kids hate eating such healthy and nutritious food. Hence it’s the responsibility of the parents and the school to make sure that children eat right so that they get all the required nutrition.

RBKIS - IGCSE school in Mira Road takes food and health issues seriously and, as a result, its school cafeteria menus are a point of pride — not a source of dismay. From time to time, students are given a designed menu of various food items. The menu is appropriately planned, to provide students a healthy range of fresh tasty food that is free of additives and preservatives. Moreover, the team of experts regularly review the menus to ensure the ingredients are nutritional, and that the meals are exciting and popular among children.

At RBKIS, food means a healthy meal, not one that harms the mind and body. This A-level school in Mira Bhayander believes that “Healthy Kids Make a Healthy Nation.” The focus is on enhancing the diet of students with more nutritious choices at school and to provide nutrition education that will help students form healthy habits that last a lifetime!

RBKIS is one of the best International Schools in Mumbai. The management’s vision and mission to prepare the learners for global education firmly rooted in Indian heritage and ethos. The school provides ample opportunities for healthy development of body and mind, to help the creative learners be ready to take the challenges in life.