• Events

    November Events

    16th November - Children’s Day Celebrations

    Nursery to AS Level

    18th November - Science and Tech Quiz

    Grade 6 to Grade 10

    21st November - Colour Day


    On the colour day learners can experiment with the colours of black and white and come up with innovative costumes. Learners will play games on the chess board painted on the floor.

    22nd November - 26th November - Adventurous Study trip to Goa, Dandeli

    IX, X and AS Level

    To develop social skills and team building.

    25th November - 28th November - Study trip to Panchgani

    Grade 5, 6,7 and 8

    28th November - Shape Day

    Grade Nursery to K2

    Nursery learners will make a necklace using oval shapes.
    K1 learners will make hand puppet of semi- circular and oval shape.
    K2 Learners will perform an activity and make rocket using cylindrical and cone shape.

    30th November - Junior Science Quiz Day

    Grade 1 to Grade 5

    October Events

    Pre Primary Events for the month of October

    5th October - World Animal Day

    Learners will come dressed in animal costume, walk the ramp and say few lines on their habitat.

    7th October - Dandiya Event

    Learners will come dressed in traditional Navratri outfit to add the charm to Navratri celebration in the school.

    24th October - Halloween Day

    Learners will come dressed in different Halloween attire and will participate in the Zombie race.

    Primary Events for the month of October

    7th October - Dandiya Event

    Dandiya stick decoration- Grade 1 to 5 (housewise competition)
    Dress up in traditional costumes.
    Dandiya celebration

    24th October - Halloween Day

    Art activity on Halloween crafts and masks
    Dress up in Halloween attire
    Trick or Treat - Children in costumes will travel ​to different classes asking for treats such as candy with the phrase "Trick or treat". The "trick" is a (usually idle) threat to perform mischief if no treat is given to them.

    September Events

    1st September - Assembly on Teachers Day

    Grade 1 – AS Level

    1st September - Colour Day

    Nursery to K2

    2nd September - Orientation on Disaster Management

    Grade 4 to AS Level

    5th September - Ganesh Chaturthi Holidays Starts

    9th September - Ganesh Chaturthi Ends

    12th September - Bakri Id/ Eid-Ul Adha - Holiday

    14th September - Hindi Day Celebrations

    Grade 1 to 10

    15th September - Grand Parents Day

    Nursery to K2

    19th September - Shape Day

    Nursery to K2

    21st September - Peace Day Celebration

    Grade 1 to 5

    23rd September - Map Your Mind (Picture Talk)

    Nursery to K2

    26th September - Visit To Fire Station


    26th September - Visit To Garage

    K1 & K2 (Time to know more)

    August Events

    6th August: Inter house Chess competition

    Grade 6 to AS level

    8th August: Happiness Happens Day

    Grade 1 to 5

    Happiness Happens Day aims to spread the joy of being happy, and to persuade people
    to look on the brighter side of life.Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy,
    tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them!

    9th August: Day 4 - Creative expression day

    Grade 6 to AS level

    12th August: Day 1 - Elocution competition

    Grade 6 to AS level

    Topic: What freedom means to you.

    12th August: Tri – Colour Day

    Nursery to K2

    15th August: Flag hoisting & group songs by learners

    Grade 6 to AS level

    16th August: Quiz Competition on National leaders and freedom fighters

    Grade 1 to 5

    16th August: Raksha Bandhan Celebration

    Nursery to K2

    20th August: Parent Teacher Interaction

    Grade 6 to 10

    20th August: Inter house football match (Girls & Boys)

    Grade 6 to 10

    23rd August: Day 1 - Spreading Awareness (house wise competition)

    Grade 6 to AS level

    Topic: The 'Pokémon Fever'.

    24th August: Janmashtami

    Nursery to K2

    26th August: Day 3 - Crazy hair day

    Grade 6 to AS Level

    29th August: National Sports Day

    Grade 1 to 5

    Grade 3 : Assembly on the theme

    Research on a favourite Sports person and express ones views through different mediums. Sports events like Hockey Dribble, running races, lemon and spoon, sack race and kho- kho will be planned.

    31st August: Visit to the Neighbourhood

    Grade 1 and 2

    Hospital, Grocer, Green grocer, Electrical shop etc.

    July Events

    5th July EID DAY CELEBRATION (Grade 1 to 5)- Parent talk time.

    A parent has been invited to address the students on the importance of ‘FASTING IN RAMAZAN’.

    Literary Week Activities: DATES- 11/07/2016 – 15/07/2016

    DAY 1 - 11-07-2016

    Grade 1 to 5: FORUM DISCUSSION ON THE TOPIC ‘ Effect of population on Literary art’
    On the occasion of ‘World population day’ children discuss the impact of population on languages.

    Topic: Hazards of over population

    DAY 2 - 12-07-2016

    Poet, cartoonist, author writer or any character from your favorite book and speak their dialogues.

    DAY 2 - 13-07-2016

    5 stories will be read and explained in regional languages by the faculty members in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, and Bengali.

    Grade 6 to 10: SPELL BEE:
    House wise competition

    DAY 4 - 14-07-2016

    Grade 1 & 2: DRAMATISATION:
    Learners dramatise a chapter from their English text book.

    Grade 3 to 5: EXPRESS WITH CARTOONS:
    Learners draw cartoons and express humorous texts in speech bubbles.

    Grade 1 to 6: BASTILLE DAY:
    Students learning French present a song in the assembly and share the importance of Bastille day.

    DAY 5 - 15-07-2016

    Grade 1 & 2: PICTORAL BLOG:
    Learners make a collage of pictures drawn of their favorite character.

    Grade 3 to 5: EACH ONE WRITES ONE:
    Write a blog on your favorite story book.

    Grade 6 to 9: JINGLE ALL THE WAY:
    Learners prepare and present jingles on interdisciplinary topics in Business & Economics.

    June Events


    This activity would expose our students to 'Yoga' as Yoga is an invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature and a holistic approach to health and well-being.


    Voting by Ballot is what the students learn in humanities, this activity will actually give them a hands on experience to the complete procedure. It would expose them to the term 'Secret Ballot' and the ethics of voting by secret ballot.

    23rd JUNE - PAINT MY SCHOOL ( Grade 1 to 5)

    Exploring and playing with colours in all mediums is an activity to expose our learners to the beauty one can achieve my merging colours. This activity would build their imagination while developing their curiosity too of what to expect.

    27th JUNE - EARTH WEEK ACTIVITIES ( Grade 1 to 5)

    Learners will be involved in interdisciplinary activities to celebrate earth day. They will be taught a song on this topic whereas in English they will be engaged in creative writing, in science they will brainstorm on ' How to protect Mother Earth' or have a quiz on the topic, while in their art class they will draw and write slogans to protect the earth which will be displayed in the school foyer.

    30th JUNE- INVESTITURE CEREMONY ( Grade 4 to 10)

    ​Our child centric approach makes ​the Investiture ceremony​ very special. It​ denotes investment in being leaders and the trust and confidence we repose in newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the students’ community in day today functioning of the school​.​