• FAQ's

    1. Why choose RBK International School?

    - RBK International School will give your child what he/she needs for holistic development. We are committed to helping each child find success in overall educational and cultural development. We truly believe that no two children are exactly same and our teachers take full time to understand what each child needs, and help them to reach their goals. We strongly believe and follow our motto “Nurturing your child’s individuality”.

    2. Which board are you affiliated to?

    - We are affiliated to the CAIE curriculum (School affiliation no: IN443) laid down by University of Cambridge, London, UK.

    3. What is CAIE?

    - CAIE stands for Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, a truly international and global education system run by University of Cambridge, London, UK.

    4. How is CIE different from CBSE, MSBSHSC or ICSE?

    - CBSE, MSBSHSC or ICSE syllabus is approached in a theoretical manner and true emphasis is not laid on real life concepts. In CAIE the focus is laid on the practical application of concepts in the form of regular and thorough understanding.

    - CAIE is more challenging than CBSE or any other board, with a truly global approach, making the students ready for the real futuristic world competition.

    5. Is CAIE board recognized in India and abroad?

    - Yes, CAIE is recognized as one of the best curricula for grades I to 12, and students are welcomed in all parts of world for higher education.

    6. Can students from CAIE board join CBSE board if they transfer to places/locations where CAIE School is not available?

    - Yes. We have done an extensive research and created a program which produces far better results than expected from the national curriculum framework. Moreover students from CAIE School will definitely have an upper hand in case of school transfers to other curriculum.

    7. I am seeking an admission in a foreign university (UK, USA, Canada, etc.) for higher education. What is the advantage of qualifying with CAIE?

    - CAIE is recognized all over the world, and students are welcomed in all sorts of programs in world’s top level universities. Moreover some top universities in world also promote students with high grades in CAIE directly to second or third year. This gives students a significant advantage in completing their university course in less time.

    8. Is CAIE curriculum very expensive?

    - CAIE being an international curriculum it cannot be deemed as correct. Also, if the advantage of getting promoted in the university courses is considered, CAIE curriculum can be seen as less expensive than other boards.

    9. Do you have good and qualified staff?

    - Yes. We have a very high qualified staff in all subject areas. Each staff member is very well trained and holds enormous experience and skills in teaching.

    10. How are subjects taught?

    - The subjects are taught in an integrated way to avoid a fragmented approach. CAIE has a different approach from other boards where in resource and reference books are used instead of just following the traditional text book methodology. The CAIE methods preserve the child’s curiosity helping him/her to explore the world.

    11. What subject combination a candidate can opt for?

    - Being an international curriculum, a student is free to choose any subject combination irrespective of science or commerce style.

    12. What is the maximum strength of class?

    - We believe in maintaining an environmental conducive to learning and understand that crowded rooms result in diffused learning. Therefore our classroom strength is restricted to a maximum of only 25 students.

    13. What is the teacher to student ratio?

    - We are very proud of our 1:25 teacher to student ratio.

    14. How is the assessment of candidates done?

    - Assessment of candidates is done periodically and strictly according to Cambridge assessment style. You can find more on this at: http://www.cie.org.uk

    15. Do you have CCTV surveillance system?

    - Yes. All the classes and entire campus is under HD CCTV surveillance system.

    16. What are the safety measures implemented by the school?

    - We follow very strict policies governing the employment of every academic and non academic staff member.

    - We have well trained housekeeping staff to take care of children within school campus

    - Campus is guarded by security guards 24X7 round the year.

    17. What are the school timings?

    - Pre-Primary: 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM

    - Primary: 07:45 AM to 03:00 PM

    - Secondary: 07:45 AM to 03:00 PM

    - Higher Secondary: 07:45 AM to 03:00 PM

    18. Do you have canteen facility?

    - Yes. We have a dining hall for students and teachers where breakfast, lunch and snacks is available for the students during school hours.

    - All the food is prepared under strict supervision and with utmost hygiene. Also top quality food materials are used to fulfil the student’s nutrition requirements.

    - Students can also bring food from home if they wish.

    19. What other facilities do you offer in academics and co-curricular activities?

    - We have a well-planned framework for the academics as well as co-curricular activities. There are evening prep sessions after school with the subject teachers as well as night prep sessions under the supervision of the hostel rector. For co-curricular activities, we have a remarkable football ground, tennis court, badminton court skating rink, basketball court, cricket ground, and many more.

    20. What is the procedure for admission?

    - Online Enquiry –To fill enquiry form visit website – www.rbkis.org

    - Pay Form Fees – Pay admission form fees online

    - Fill admission form – After paying admission form fee the form will open

    - Submit the print out of from along with the mentioned documents.

    - Interaction with principal

    - Pay admission fee and Term I fee after conformation of admission from Principal